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Modern $5 Gold – Even on a Budget

By Mark Benvenuto
The United States Congress brought a commemorative coin program back to life in 1982 in a quiet, almost simple sort of way. They authorized a single half-dollar coin honoring the 250th anniversary of the birth year of President Washington. The next year saw an explosion of commems, all aimed at the 1984 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles

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Seminar Examines Future of Coins

Readers of this article are likely to be coin collectors, but how many times do we as coin collectors spend coins or banknotes rather than reach for some substitute such as plastic debit or credit cards, or by using an app on our phone? While we may be more conscious of what’s in our pockets and wallets, most of us can admit we normally tend to use the same shortcuts to counting out money when it comes to most daily financial transactions.
Coin collectors look over our shoulders when we think about the alternatives to physical cash now commonly in use. New forms of cyber money are being unveiled almost daily

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