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Legendary 1888 Cocobola Surfaces at Sedwick Auction 27

By Tom Michael
With Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC Treasure auctions, you can always expect to find a wonderful selection of silver cobs; those irregular, chunky silver coins produced so quickly and in such quantity through the Spanish mints in the New World. While many date, assayer, and mint denomination combinations are common, there are many others that are extremely scarce and still more being discovered as the years go by. I always take a look at the DFS Treasure Auctions to see what’s new in the cob market and to peruse the odd shipwreck finds, hoping to expand my knowledge

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Gold bars, Honduras coin rarity to appear in Sedwick’s November Treasure Auction

The following is distributed on behalf of Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC. 
Winter Park, Florida – Oct. 2, 2019 – A large variety of gold and silver shipwreck bars as well as numismatic rarities will attract exciting bidding during Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC’s Treasure, World, U

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Argentina gold tops Sedwick’s May auction

Argentina (River Plate Provinces), 8 escudos, 1832/1P, La Rioja mint, NGC MS 62.
A rare early Argentinean gold coin in a remarkably high grade is coming up for auction May 2-3 as part of Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC’s Treasure, World, U.S

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Sedwick auction brings $3.1 million

Recovered Spanish silver bars and coins performed well in the latest Sedwick auction.
What do you imagine when you think about treasure recovered from sunken Spanish galleons?
Silver bars? Pieces of eight?
Many coin collectors dream of these.
Imagine making them the basis of your business

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