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Simply Put: The Market Is Hot

While many of the generally available yet bullion spot price impacted silver and gold business strike coins as well as American Eagles are currently in a holding pattern, the same is not true for scarce to rare coins. More headline-grabbing rare dates are being brought to market almost daily, with upcoming auctions now becoming chocked full of material that seldom appears to be available.
Simply put, the market is hot

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Coins with Intrinsic Value in High Demand

By Richard Giedroyc
Could prices for key date and ultra-high condition certified coins be ready for a dramatic increase? Dealers have been recently indicating there is a shortage of quality coins that aren’t what I would term “recycled stuff.” It can be argued that many of the better coins are in strong financial hands, however, it can also be argued demand is simply outstripping supply in much the same fashion as is being experienced in the bullion and bullion-impacted sectors of the coin market.
This is the type of problem we all may welcome, that is unless you have been putting off buying some special coin

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2019 will be a year to please us all

Should I throw caution to the winds for my 2019 forecasts? I decided I should. Volatility is the name of the game these days as the future looks more and more uncertain.
Uncertainty means gold should be a winner

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My forecasts are battered and bruised

As the year comes to a close, I have to begin thinking about my annual forecast columns.
Some years I do better than others, but on average you would do as well tossing a coin.
Even with two weeks to go, there is very little likelihood that I can retrieve my position on gold and silver

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Morgan silver dollars fluctuate only sideways

The ups and downs of the coin market continue. If Morgan silver dollars are any collectible coin market coincidence barometer, it suggests little if any appreciation is taking place. A number of common to scarce Morgan dollar dates, especially in Mint State 64 to 66, continue to decline

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