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Retailers Selling Precious Metals

 (Photo by Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images)
On Oct. 2 it was reported that the Great Britain-based stores of major retailer Costco Wholesale have started selling physical gold and silver bars to their customers.
Should this company, or any other large retail chain, begin offering such products in their American stores, what would be the likely impact on the supply and demand and, therefore, prices of physical gold and silver?
In Europe, many banks sell and deliver physical precious metals to their walk-in customers

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Deciding to own physical precious metals

There are a number of speakers and writers who make a solid case for the value of owning some bullion-priced physical precious metals. But once someone has made the judgment that they should acquire some, there is a dearth of information on what to do to actually acquire some.
Those just starting out want to know where they can go, who they should trust, how much should they pay, and what kinds of products they should purchase

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Stored bullion might be taken from you

For greater security, many owners of physical precious metals store some or all of their holdings in bank vaults or in bank safe deposit boxes. In general, this would tend to be safer than hiding them or putting them in a safe at home or a workplace.
But will you continue to have the ability to withdraw your physical precious metals from bank storage or bank safe deposit boxes at your discretion? There are some signs that the security of your precious metals stored at banks may not be as secure in the future as you might think

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