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Women’s Suffrage Coins Top Sales

The highlight of the week is the addition of some new Mint products to our charts, most of which honor women.
Because the Mint had released small additional quantities of the 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof silver American Eagle, you will see that line item listed under the “Collector Eagle Sales” category at the bottom of this page.
This week marks our first recording of sales for the 2020 Women’s Suffrage Centennial commemorative coins

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Silver Continues Upward Climb

In a trend continuing from last week, we are again singing the song of silver as it continues its upward climb at the time of this writing.
Up from second place a week ago, the best-seller this week was the 2020-W uncirculated silver American Eagle. As the spotlight on silver brightened, the unc

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All Eyes – and Dollars – on Silver

Silver prices are at record highs, and this week’s sales totals show that it has collectors’ attention. The top two highest sellers this week consist of silver Mint products.
Coming in first is the 2020-W proof silver American Eagle coin

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America the Beautiful Quarter Products Hit Market

More America the Beautiful quarter products have hit the market, and you will see their listings added to this week’s charts.
The three-coin set honoring Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut was released June 29. The set, comprised of a “P” uncirculated quarter, a “D” uncirculated quarter, and an “S” proof quarter, has sold 11,375 since its debut

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Basketball Coin Sales Begin

With sales of the Basketball Hall of Fame coins and products beginning June 4, new entries have been added at the top of this page’s chart.
The first of the Mint’s 2020 commemorative releases, the coins honor the 60th anniversary of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Surcharges from sales of the coins benefit operations and education programs at the Hall of Fame

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Proof Sets See Collector Demand

Since our last Mint Statistics report, the Mint’s America the Beautiful products honoring the Weir Farm National Historic Site have been tallied.
You will see a Weir Farm entry included in the America the Beautiful 5-Ounce Coins chart on this page and in the Bags and Rolls section where sales totals are recorded for 100-coin bags, two-roll set for Philadelphia and Denver, San Francisco rolls, and the P, D, S rolls set.
Proof Sets are the name of the sales game this week

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Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Starts Strong

New in this week’s reporting is the 2019 limited edition silver proof set.
It contains eight silver coins: an American Eagle one-ounce silver proof coin with “S” mintmark, the five 2019-dated America the Beautiful quarters, a Kennedy half dollar and a Roosevelt dime.
The set made a strong debut with 29,691 sold in the four days since its release on Oct 17

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Circulating ATB Set, Innovation Proof Set Debut

The drought is over! You will notice that the 2015 America the Beautiful circulating and uncirculated coin set listings have been removed to make room for a new ATB product: the 2019 circulating coin set. Its debut week of sales made a strong showing at 14,113.
Also new this week is the 2019 American Innovation $1 proof set

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Palladium Takes a Plunge

I had to look twice and then again to make sure I didn’t make a blunder last week.  Thankfully, it wasn’t my tired old eyes!  Last week, our Mint Stats showed 16,690 sold of the 2019-W proof palladium Eagle and this week, the Mint released the updated numbers and instead of growing, that number decreased to 13,319 – a change of 3,371 or a 20% downward adjustment.  That’s quite a reconciliation!
Silver bullion Eagles also saw a decrease, moving from 711,000 down to 686,000 in sales of the one-ounce coin

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The Market is Bullish on Bullion

Bullion Eagle sales for the month of August were modest, with 8,000 ounces of gold sold.  Putting this into perspective, the three previous months closed with 4,000, 4,500, and 5,500 ounces sold.  So, while 14,500 ounces isn’t as high as the January through April sales, it’s interesting to see, given the increase in the price of gold

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The Mint Has Been Busy with New Products

In reviewing the numbers for this week’s report, one obvious thing that stood out was the volume of new products the Mint put out since our report in last week’s paper – six to be exact.  First in the report is the James Monroe silver presidential medal with sales of 7,723.  Two American Liberty products were released, including the gold one-ounce coin, which sold 4,948 and the 2

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2019-S Proof Silver Eagle Sales Kick Off

War in the Pacific coins seem to be popular with collectors. Looking at the numbers, the 3-coin set gained 276 since last week and is closing in the sales of the American Memorial Park that release before it which is currently at 12,631. The 5-ounce coin also gained since last week, rising from 13,378 to 13,554

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Happy Birthday and Congratulations

It’s interesting once in awhile to step back from the usual movers and shakers in the Mint Stats and take a closer look at some of the lesser-talked-about products. Take for instance the three annual miscellaneous offers – the Birth Set, Happy Birthday Set and Congratulations Set.  Every week, the numbers inch up from the previous week

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Mint Statistics: Clever Marketing Boosts American Legion Silver Dollars Sales

All 10,000 of the mintage limit of the American Legion 100th Anniversary 2019 Proof Silver Dollar and Medal sets sold out. With a retail price of $99.95, it’s a clever way for the Mint to move an additional 10,000 units of the proof silver dollar which has sold 29,546

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Mint Statistics: Pride of Two Nations Charges Ahead

Released on July 3, the Pride of Two Nations 2019 Limited Edition Two-Coin Set has come and gone. The product limit was listed at 100,000 and this week’s sales report from the Mint shows 95,308 sold. Checking the product page today, the product has been listed as currently unavailable

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Mint Statistics: Will Apollo 11 Coins Take Off Again Soon?

With the anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing approaching, if you are reading this issue when it is sent, we thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at how the Apollo 11 coins are selling.
Between the proof and uncirculated options, the gold $5 is about 80 percent sold. About 10,000 remain between the two

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Mint Statistics: Not Much Movement on Gold or Silver Bullion Sales

Gold bullion remained the same as last week, with total ounces at 4,000 and total units 8,500.  With the price of gold eclipsing $1,400, it will be interesting to see how long these numbers go unchanged.  Silver, on the other hand, added 305,000 and will end June at 855,000

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Mint Statistics: Kennedy Halves – What is their Future?

An interesting Letter to the Editor came in this week in which the reader was questioning the need to continue producing the Kennedy Half dollars for collectors, which got us looking at the Mint sales of those a bit closer. Released on May 1 this year, sales of both the two-roll sets and 200-coin bags increased by about 500 units each since last week. Looking at the three-year sales numbers, sales do seem to be declining each year

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Mint Statistics: Will the 2019 Uncirculated Set Surpass 2018 Sales?

Modest increases were noted in bullion this week, after a jump of 566,000 last week in one ounce silver. The May total stands at 866,000, the second lowest this year, just ahead of the 850,000 sold in March. Gold is also the lowest month in 2019, with just 8,500 total coins sold

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Mint Statistics: Silver Bullion makes a small leap

After a small drought in silver bullion sales, a moderate increase from last week has silver bullion one ounce Eagles at 726,000, up from last week’s total of 160,000.   Bullion gold Buffalos increased year to date by another 3,000, while gold American Eagle one ounce bullion coins grew by 2,000. The tenth ounce gold American Eagle increased by 5,000 since last week, now at 140,000

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Mint Statistics: Sales of 2019 Proof Sets Tapering Off

After three strong weeks of sales, the Mint’s annual proof sets have begun to slow down just a bit.  The silver proof set came out strong and showed week over week increases of 16,856 and 21,730 the first two weeks and this week has grown by another 7,866. The clad version added another 4,065, not such a dramatic drop from the 5,520 increase seen the prior week

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Mint Statistics: Is the Bonus 2019 Lincoln Penny Helping Annual Proof Set Sales?

The Mint’s annual silver proof set continues to climb, adding another 21,730 to its total. The clad proof set, the less-expensive of the annual sets, grew by 5,520. Could the bonus 2019 Lincoln penny with a reverse proof finish bearing the “W” mint mark be helping sales? Time will tell

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Mint Statistics: 2019 Proof Sets on the Rise

This week, the Mint released the American Memorial Park 3-coin set, which is reporting sales of 10,585 after less than a week of sales. It is 1,047 behind the last America the Beautiful installment, Lowell National Park, which is at 11,632.    For the most part, it seems that sales of these 3-coin sets have been declining since the launch of the program

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Mint Statistics: American Legion Coin Sales Soft

I had the opportunity this week to attend an orientation meeting for the Badger Boys State Program, which is hosted by the American Legion. Afterwards, I chatted briefly with a few of the members who were there and asked for their thoughts on the new 100th Anniversary commemorative coins. I was surprised that none had heard of them

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Mint Statistics: Fluctuations unpredictable like the weather

Last week, we were happy to say that spring had finally sprung at our office in Stevens Point. Well, score one for Mother Nature, as today we are under a winter weather advisory and expecting several inches of heavy snow. These sudden fluctuations in spring weather are similar to what we have been seeing in some of the sales at the U

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Mint Statistics: Spring releases moving at a slow pace

Spring has finally sprung at the Numismatic News office in Stevens Point, Wis. However, Mint sales numbers are not springing.
American Legion coins are moving at a relatively slow pace, with the $5 coin sale increasing just 147 from last week

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Mint Statistics: Stronger first-quarter bullion sales for 2019 vs. 2018

With the first quarter drawing to a close, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at sales in the first quarter to 2019 as compared to the same time period in 2018. The first thing to stand out is the underperformance of the 2019 gold proof as compared with 2019.
Overall, total sales of all options offered are down about 3,500 coins, or 26%

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Mint Statistics: Lowell National Park starts out strong

The Lowell National Park 2019 uncirculated five-ounce silver coin, part of the America the Beautiful Quarters® program, is off to a strong start. This week, the Mint is reporting sales of 12,734 of the total 20,000 being minted. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the coming weeks and leads to an early sellout

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Mint Statistics: Collectors continue Apollo 11 buying trend

Apollo 11 commemoratives still remain available for collectors, with sales inching toward the maximum mintages. The half dollar set is the closest to sellout, with 84,349 of the total 100,000 already sold. The 5-ounce silver isn’t far behind at 63,598 of the total 100,000 available there

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Mint Statistics: Apollo coins touch down in this report

A box for the Apollo 11 commemorative coins has been added to the report below to begin the annual redesign process. Old coins go off sale. New coins are added

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Mint Statistics: Innovation dollar coin has a good week

American Innovation dollars showed a renewed spark of life by adding 18,526 to the running total. It now stands at 142,494. This number will continue growing until all collectors with the 2018 proof set have ordered the proof coin that was not included in it

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Mint Statistics: Silver Eagles beat January 2018 already

Sales of 2019-dated silver American Eagle bullion coin moved ahead by 695,000 this week. At the midpoint in the month, the running total stands at 3,366,000 coins. This already exceeds the 3,235,000 total achieved by the entire month of January in 2018

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Mint Statistics: 2019 bullion numbers jump day by day

The rush for 2019 bullion coins means that the figures below are different from the story here, which was about the first day of sales. As January goes along, more and more bullion coins are sold.
Since the monthly numbers for January below will be the same as year-to-date totals, I am being slow in making space for 2019 coins

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Mint Statistics: Look closely at Innovation $1 sales

What sort of yardstick should we use to measure the success of the new American Innovation $1 coin? If we look at sales of 100-coin bags, the new dollar has begun with a bang. The combined Philadelphia-Denver total nearly equals the 2018 Native American dollar 100-coin bag total.
This near equality was achieved in just a few days

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Mint Statistics: Proof sets keep holiday spotlight

Just how deeply into Mint offerings do holiday gift buyers dig? The question occurred to me as I posted the latest proof set numbers. Buyers grabbed 16,370 more clad 2018 sets and 7,815 silver sets. The uncirculated coin set sales total rose by 5,760

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Mint Statistics: Silver Eagles want to fall asleep again

For the second week in a row, sales of silver American Eagle bullion coins have slowed down. Buyers grabbed just 200,000 pieces, compared to 260,000 the week before. The September sales surge is well and truly over

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Mint Statistics: Steady buyers push up sales totals

Who are the steady buyers of clad 2018 proof sets? This week’s sales of 7,208 is a similar number to last week. The running total for the year is 355,245. In 10 year’s time, will they complain that the price has gone down, or have they simply tuned out the secondary market and reliably add a set to their collection each and every year? The Mint needs to put a high value on steady customers

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Mint Statistics: Platinum surprise winner in bullion race

If you had to choose which bullion American Eagle coins, gold, silver or platinum, were having the best year compared to 2017, which would you choose? How about platinum? Though none has been sold in June, the 2018 sales total of 30,000 is 50 percent higher than the 20,000 number of platinum Eagles sold in 2017. In case you are curious, in 2016 the Mint also sold 20,000. In 2015, sales were zero

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Mint Statistics: Silver Eagles fly higher than gold

January bullion sales at the halfway mark show silver at 54 percent of the January 2017 results and the gold one-ounce Eagle at 34 percent. Obviously silver Eagles are outpacing the gold, but it is still nothing to write home about. With just 250,000 silver Eagles added since last week, it is easy to envision a month where results fall short of even 3

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Enhanced set makes another advance

Is it worth a headline to point out that the United States Mint sold 2,367 Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Sets this week compared to 1,390 last week? It will have to do, because the rest of the Mint’s product line is a yawner. The running tally for the set is now 193,573, which is still a far cry from the 225,000 maximum.
Silver proof sets outpaced the clad for another week

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Mint Statistics: June avoids having lowest Eagle sales

One-ounce silver American Eagle coin sales have reached 911,000 for the month of June a couple of days before the end of the month. Will they pass one million? Whether they do or not, the important thing is June sales of 911,000 exceed the 835,000 sold in April. April will keep its title as the lowest silver Eagle bullion sales month of 2017

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Mint Stats: Silver bullion Eagle coins get the blahs

The election is over. Is demand for bullion coins over, too? November sales numbers have not had a strong start, particularly for silver bullion American Eagles. What’s with just 370,000 so far in November? But then looking at the total for the year of less than 35 million, you know there is no chance to equal last year’s figure of 47 million

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Mint Stats: Medals sell out, but watch those 9s

Until precise numbers are offered by the Mint, I provisionally have put sales numbers for the “S” and “W” silver Liberty medals at 12,500 each on the opposite page. As the front page explains, they sold out in less than five minutes.Ever watch your automobile odometer roll over to a nice round number? If you like that sort of thing, cast your eyes on the sales numbers for the National Park Service silver dollar and gold $5 proofs

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Mint Stats: It’s official: July silver sales stink

Just when you think summertime sales can’t get any drowsier, they do. The Mint closed out the month of July with just 25,000 more one-ounce silver bullion American Eagles sold, making July the month of lowest sales by far in 2016. With 1,370,000 million taken by Authorized Purchasers, July results were just 23 percent of the year’s top sales month

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Latest enhanced unc. dollar on sale

Even with a higher mintage of 90,000  and a $1 price increase, buyers proved their enhanced uncirculated coin enthusiasm by buying 51,605 2015 Coin and Currency sets featuring a 2015-W enhanced uncirculated Native American dollar and a Series 2013 $1 note since its release on Aug. 24.The 2015-W Lady Bird Johnson gold coin, last of the 2015 First Spouse coins, went on sale Aug

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Jackie Kennedy, gold prove popular

The 2015-W Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse gold coin was released by the United States Mint on June 25 to much anticipation. Collectors purchased 4,072 uncirculated and 7,936 proof coins by June 28, placing them on back order. These numbers are much higher than the 1,380 uncirculated and 1,980 proof coins sold for the previous release, the Mamie Eisenhower First Spouse coin

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October bullion sales start off big

October’s bullion sales in just the first week are impressive after a strong showing in September.Silver American Eagles saw purchases in the first week of October at 2,250,000, well over half the total September sales amount of 4,140,000.Gold American Eagle bullion coins saw good sales as well with 21,000 1-ounce, 4,000 half-ounce, 4,000 quarter-ounce and 10,000 tenth-ounce coins going out the Mint’s doors as of Oct

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August gold, silver bullion sales low

August sales of bullion from the Mint were mediocre at best, despite low prices for precious metals.Gold American Buffalo bullion saw its second-lowest month at 8,000 coins sold, platinum American Eagle bullion had its fourth-lowest month at 700 coins sold and all forms of gold American Eagle bullion experienced their second-lowest month with 25,000 total ounces sold.The Mint released the Great Sand Dunes National Park quarter on Aug

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