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Letters to the Editor: June 23, 2020

‘Coin Finds’ Inspiration
I just finished reading my latest Numismatic News (April 28 issue), and I very much enjoyed the new article “Coin Finds.” Since 1999, I’ve been searching coin rolls, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars (mostly pennies and half dollars). I would like to talk about pennies

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$50,400 Buys 1909-S VDB Cent

Finding a high-quality 1909-S VDB cent is likely on every serious collector’s wish list, however, given its scarcity, no matter your level of optimism, the likelihood of just finding one is quite low.
The original red surfaces are virtually flawless, with just a few microscopic specks of carbon on the reverse, only visible with a loupe. Vibrant mint luster radiates from both sides and overall eye appeal is terrific

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Bowers on collecting: The birth of the Lincoln cent

Collecting Lincoln cents from circulation and putting them in blue Whitman folders is the way that most people discovered numismatics from the 1930s down to the 1970s or so. The hope was to find a rare 1909-S V

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Red Book recollections: Ron Guth

Coin Update continues its series dedicated to reflecting on the long history of Whitman Publishing’s Guide Book of United States Coins, also known as the Red Book, now in its 72nd edition. “Red Book Recollections” features personal reflections written by Red Book contributors, collectors, and others with the aim of providing different perspectives on the long-lived reference work

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