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Apollo order totals just in from the Mint

Order totals just in from the Mint show no Apollo sales option is close to reaching sellout status.
19CA      2019 APOLLO 11 GOLD PROOF   15,544
19CB      2019 APOLLO 11 GOLD UNC        7,781
19CC      2019 APOLLO 11 SILVER PROOF 86,073
19CD      2019 APOLLO 11 SILVER UNC      35,380
19CE      2019 APOLLO 11 CLAD PROOF    29,560
19CF      2019 APOLLO 11 HALF DOLLAR SPECIAL SET          49,825
19CG     2019 APOLLO 11 CLAD UNC         20,877
19CH      2019 APOLLO 11 SILVER PROOF 5 OZ       51,271
It is interesting that the clad half dollar set and 5-0unce silver proof have nearly identical order numbers for the first 24 hours of sales.
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